Feeding Children

We believe in taking care of the whole child. Our programs include free meals. Contact us for more information: Beardsley location, 619-578-2974‬; Logan location 619-615-0652; Lindsay Location 619-272-8394.

Why do this?

  • Because food insecurity is a major problem in San Diego, even before the pandemic?
  • Children can’t thrive without healthy, nutritious meals.

How do you qualify?

  • If you feel that you’re in need, our trained staff want to help
  • Call us to find our about our resources to assist you
  • Talking to a professional is a step in the right direction

We have helped families find the services needed through our child care centers since 1991. We have diligently served the Logan Heights, Barrio Logan, Stockton, Grant Hill, Golden Hill, Downtown San Diego, City Heights, Lincoln Park, Valencia Park, Oak Park Creek, Marketplace and surrounding San Diego communities, always including art, music and food in our programs with an emphasis on education.

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